What is special about SAORI weaving compared to any other weaving today?

“Express yourself freely and be enormously satisfied.” Misao Jo


SAORI is a Japanese freestyle approach to handweaving that encourages people to express

themselves intuitively.

Weaving with colour and texture can raise your mood. It is a wonderful way to manage your health
and enhance your sense of wellbeing and it’s guaranteed to bring joy to everyone who tries it.

The “SA” of SAORI has the same meaning as the Zen word “SAI”. It means that everything has its own individual dignity. The “ORI” in SAORI means “weaving”.



SAORImôr opened in spring 2014, the first registered SAORI freeweaving studio in Wales.

We have 6 SAORI looms set up ready for you to weave. No previous experience is necessary.

SAORImôr studio has an inviting, creative atmosphere full of light and colour.

Come whenever it suits you, meet other people, share your ideas and learn from each other.

We have a small shop with a selection of SAORI products and a growing selection of other textile and Japanese inspired gifts for sale. Looms, accessories and yarns are available to order.



Rosie Green

6 Swifts Buildings
Off The High Street
LL57 1DQ

01248 345325
07733 176 657